About us

Projects and services of Community Safety and Mediation Center are build upon developmentand promotion of public policies and models of community development, of cooperation anddevelopment of good practices, as well as campaigns or legislative initiatives which cancontribute to a safer life for our communities, in family and society.CMSC coordinated over 30 regional projects since 2000 and constantly continues its activitiesfocused on introducing new and better standards in community development and victimsupport. The introduction of European and international community safety models, adapted tothe needs and realities of the undeveloped region where is developing its programs (both inrural and urban areas, in 9 counties and almost 20 communities –in NE part of Romania)have constituted the top priority since its establishement.

Members of the directory council

Laura ALBU

Executive president

Sociologist, 20 years experience in management of the non profit sector, president of Romanian Women’s Lobby, vicepresident of European Women’s Lobby, expert on Observatory on Violence against Women of EWL.



President of Equal Oportunity for Women Foundation, consultant, researcher and expert in gender studies, vicepresident of Romanian Women’s Lobby



Doctor in Political Sciences, assistant professor in Political Sciences in M.Kogalniceanu University of Iasi, lector doctor at European Studies Center of Al.I.Cuza University of Iasi.



Lawyer, expert in domestic violence and intervention on cases of violence against women ; coordinator of a legislative working group on law 217/2003, experience in lobby, advocacy, coordinator of the network of legal clinics, coordinator of the network of Teritorial Public Order Authority

Verginia Petrovici


Teacher High School Waldorf Iasi, trainer in Waldorf alternative pedagogy

Our team

Andreea Muraru


Anca Ciubotariu

Expert european funding

Laura Chiticariu


Andreea Fedor

Campaign coordinator

Andreea Amironesei

Expert creative workshops and artificial intelligence

Andra Gociman

Expert creative workshops and design

Cristina Cioanca

Economic director

Laura Albu

Project manager